Kirsty + Nick


I have so much that I could say about this absolutely incredible celebration. From what Kirsty and Nick had told me about what they were planning, I knew it was going to be incredible, but I didn’t know just how good it was going to be!

I was given some co-ordinates to meet these guys at a spot they had picked off the side of the road (it was near a quarry for parking, and also there was a bridge. I arrived where I thought it was and there was no one there, I went for a big walkabout and I seriously thought I was missing something… until a car pulled up – and out rocked one of the coolest grooms ever. Nick in his teal linen shirt, jandals and badass Will & Bear hat – epic!

The spot these two picked out had beautiful mountain views and everyone gathered around standing in listening to some super sweet vows with some tears, a lot of laughs and some pretty tight squeezes. After the ceremony, there were so many hugs and a super fun mexican-wave group photo then the three of us tottered off around the area to a few sweet spots. We had a little waterfall, and the lakeside to enjoy and then we headed back to the campsite where they were having an amazing camping style reception.

Everyone sat around eating burgers, sipping G&Ts and playing games and it was such a memorable and perfect evening that suited these two perfectly! I had so much fun with them and their friends and family that I could have set up a tent myself and stayed. We slipped out for a quick couple of portraits as the light went down over Wanaka and laughed our heads off. I absolutely love these two and everything about the untraditional day they opted for. We finished up with some Tim-tams for dessert and heck it couldn’t have been any better. Take me back.


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